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Little Anthony & The Imperials - 27 Original Classics [1967]

Música: R&B/Soul

Comentário AM:

Little Anthony & the Imperials enjoyed one of the longest career runs of any doo wop group, adapting their honey-smooth style to fit the sweet uptown soul sound of the mid-'60s. Right from the beginning, Little Anthony's aching way with a ballad was the group's calling card, but their repertoire was balanced by more R&B-inflected dance tunes. Little Anthony was born Jerome Anthony Gourdine in 1940, and grew up in Brooklyn's Fort Greene projects. While in high school, he sang in a doo wop group called the Duponts, who recorded a single called "Prove It Now" in 1957. They disbanded after graduation, however, and Gourdine joined another group called the Chesters, which had been formed by his friend Clarence Collins (baritone) and also featured longtime friend Ernest Wright, Jr. (tenor); the other members were Tracy Lord (tenor) and Nat Rogers (bass). After a one-off single for Apollo, they landed a record deal with the End label in 1958, at which point their name was changed to the Imperials. ("Little Anthony" was later tagged onto the beginning by DJ Alan Freed.) The Imperials' first single for End was the classic heartache ballad "Tears on My Pillow," a Top Five smash on both the pop and R&B charts. Little Anthony's dramatic interpretation was certainly helped in the public eye by his youthful-sounding voice and name, which recalled the recently popular Frankie Lymon. The single's B-side, "Two People in the World," was also something of a hit, making the Imperials one of the hottest vocal groups around. Landing a follow-up hit proved difficult, however; the group charted several singles -- "So Much," "Wishful Thinking," "A Prayer and a Juke Box" -- without even approaching their earlier success. Finally, the novelty dance track "Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop" caught on in 1960 and returned Little Anthony & the Imperials to the upper reaches of the charts (though it missed the Top Ten). The follow-ups "My Empty Room" and "Please Say You Want Me" flopped, however, and Little Anthony decided to try a solo career in late 1961. The Imperials continued on with a new lineup of Collins, Wright, Sammy Strain, and George Kerr, the latter of whom was replaced by Kenny Seymour in 1962. Neither Little Anthony nor his erstwhile group had any luck on their own, and in late 1963 he returned to the fold, replacing Seymour. The next summer, the reconstituted Imperials signed with the DCP label, where producer/songwriter Teddy Randazzo made them a priority. His first effort with the group, "I'm on the Outside (Looking In)," reached number 15 on both the pop and R&B charts in 1964, reestablishing The Imperials as a commercial presence. The follow-up, "Goin' Out of My Head," was a smash, returning them to the pop Top Ten for the first time since "Tears on My Pillow"; it was covered quite often in the years that followed, and grew into something of a pop standard. The Imperials' streak of good fortune continued with the equally dramatic ballad "Hurt So Bad," another Top Ten hit that also became their second R&B Top Fiver in 1965. A couple of smaller hits followed later that year in "I Miss You So" and the pop/R&B Top 20 "Take Me Back."


Little Anthony & The Imperials - 27 Original Classics [1967]


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música: R&B

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Lime - Greatest Hits [1993]

Música: Club Dance/Post Disco/New Wave/Synth Pop

Comentário AM:

Lime are an intriguing, faceless group from the 1980's who churned out a massive amount of music without anybody really knowing who they were. The group consisted of Canadian husband and wife team Denis and Denyse LePage, who produced all the music and shared the vocals, but they never performed in person, so all public appearances were made by two fresh faced young stand-ins, to give the fans something to look at. Lime produced an impressive nine albums, with varying degrees of success. Their trademark sound was rampant synthesised Hi-NRG supporting two very distinctive vocal styles, the high, birdlike trilling of Denyse, complemented by the gravelly rasping voice of Denis. You won't easily mistake this group for anyone else! Actually, the style I have described really only applies to the singles, as Lime's albums mix these in with the occasional slow tracks, and some songs are little more than electronic doodlings. For this reason, a greatest hits package is the best place to start if you have liked what you heard in clubs, although it's a shame that this album isn't a little longer as it's only really a taster, which is a compliment to the group in that they have more good material than would fit on one album. The two best tracks have to be "Guilty" and "Unexpected Lovers", although they are not necessarily the ones that met with most success. Two of the groups biggest hits were "Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight" and "Your Love", (both included here), but I find them a little less enjoyable then the two previously mentioned. Some, like "Angel Eyes" and "Take It Up" have a really strident robotic beat, which the group excelled at turning into pretty hot dance music. If you enjoy this aspect, try some of the albums where you'll find some very diverse sounding tracks, but as mentioned earlier, they often experimented with odd rhythms that mean not every track can be danced to. I wish this package had cast it's net a bit wider, as there are many other strong tracks that could have been added, such as "On The Grid", "Did You See That Girl", "Do You Like To Love" and "I Don't Wanna Lose You" to name but a few. A final word about the remixing, normally I would have reservations about buying a collection where the songs are not in their original versions, so be warned that nearly every track is different to it's previous album or 12" single incarnation. My real regret is that my favourite song "Guilty" has had quite a severe makeover, with too many electronic special effects piled on top of it, and much of it's charm has been lost. The original 12" single release had a far less cluttered feel to it, with a long slow build up from the simple opening bass-line that set a great mood. Don't worry too much though, because the others are all good mixes, and all are long versions. It's a great way to add Lime's music to your Hi-NRG collection, but make sure you get the Unidisc remastered version of this album, as there is a other one around with the same cover, with far fewer tracks on it. As an aside, these album covers are as much a trademark of the group as their sound, adorned as they are with really cheesy airbrushed paintings of cosmopolitan lounging model-types drinking cocktails (with lime in them, of course!)...you can find out more for yourself, as the wonderful Unidisc have also released the entire Lime back catalogue onto CD, all with extra 12" bonus tracks. If you decide to investigate further, I would recommend the middle period of their albums, especially Lime 3 which was one of thier biggest sellers. As I said, a group unlike any other, and an eccentric national treasure!


Lime - Greatest Hits [1993]


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música: CLUB DANCE

Styx - Greatest Hits [1995]

Música: Hard Rock/Arena Rock/Album Rock/Prog Rock

Comentário AM:

Styx's Greatest Hits was released in August of 1995 and features 15 classic hits digitally remastered including all of their biggest hits.
"Lady" (originally a Top 10 hit in 1975 and the reason for Styx signing to A&M) is included here in a re-recorded version because RCA wouldn't license A&M/PolyGram the original recording but yet they did so for Come Sail Away (and Universal now owns Styx's whole catalog). The difference on this version to the original is the return of guitarist/singer/songwriter Tommy Shaw filling in for John Curulewski and new recruit Todd Sucherman filling in for the ailing John Panozzo(uncredited) plus guitarist James "JY" Young and bass player Chuck Panozzo. Keyboard player/singer/songwriter Dennis DeYoung's voice sounds so much better on this version than the original. The other big Top 10 hits that are included are "Come Sail Away" (#8 in 1978) from The Grand Illusion, "Babe" (#1 in 1979) from Cornerstone, "The Best of Times" (it hit #3 in 1981 and not #16 as one other reviewer noted) and "Too Much Time on My Hands" (#9 in 1981) from Paradise Theater, "Mr. Roboto" (#3 in 1983) and "Don't Let it End" (#6 in 1983 and was wrongfully omitted on Come Sail Away in favor of the Alice in Chains sounding track from the awful Cyclorama One With Everything) from Kilroy Was Here and "Show Me the Way" (#3 in 1991) from 1990's Edge of the Century. Also you get Top 30 hits of "Lorelei" from Equinox, "Fooling Yourself" from The Grand Illusion, "Blue Collar Man" and "Renegade" both from Pieces of Eight. Lastly you get album tracks like "Suite Madame Blue" from Equinox, "Crystal Ball" from the album of same name, "The Grand Illusion" and "Miss America" from The Grand Illusion. This is a great starter to Styx and is the top selling Greatest Hits album the band has as it went Triple Platinum. Highly recommended!


Styx - Greatest Hits [1995]


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música: HARD ROCK

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George Clinton - The Greatest Funkin' Hits [1996]

Música: R&B/Funk/Urban

Comentário AM:

This CD features a collection of George Clinton classics covered by rappers like Coolio, Busta Rhymes, and Digital Underground. Some funk purists may hate it, but you can't deny that the rap guys bring a raw energy to tracks like "Flashlight" that makes these remade grooves eminently listenable. Check out "Booty Body Ready for the Plush Funk"; listen to that bass line--it's pure Bootsy. Or "Bop Gun" -- listen how Ice Cube has internalized Clinton's inner dialogue from albums like "Funkentelechy" and "Gloryhallastoopid", remixed it and shipped it back to us first class. Everything is there (except maybe "Sir Nose d'Avoidoffunk" and we'll catch him next time). Of course the rappers bring their own style with them, but their love and admiration for Clinton shines through always. This is more than sampling; this is a hommage to the man who made funk what it is.


George Clinton - The Greatest Funkin' Hits [1996]


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música: R&B

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Sexta-feira, 28 de Setembro de 2012



Sum 41 - The Best of Sum 41: 8 Years of Blood, Sake and Tears [2008]

L'Arc-En-Ciel - Best of l'Arc-En-Ciel 1994-1998 [2003]

Cibo Matto - Viva! La Woman [1996]

Greg Edmonson - Firefly - OST [2005]

John Williams - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [1989]

Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood [2006]

Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender [2004]

Modest Mouse - Good News for People Who Love Bad News [2004]

Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous [2004]

Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not [2006]



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música: VARIOUS

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Quarta-feira, 26 de Setembro de 2012

Black Grape - It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah [1995]

Música: Alternative Pop Rock/Alternative Dance/Britpop/British Rap

Comentário AM:

When Happy Mondays fell apart in 1992, most observers assumed that Shaun Ryder would never recover from his numerous drug addictions. No one could have ever predicted that he would return to the top of the charts three years later, relatively fit and healthy, with a new band that fulfilled all of the promises of his old group. Black Grape is what Happy Mondays always were, only better. Leaving behind the stiff musicianship that plagued even the best Mondays records, Black Grape's debut, It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah, is a surreal, funky, profane, and perversely joyous album, overflowing with casual eclecticism and giddy humor. Working with a band that is looser and grittier than the Mondays, Ryder sounds reinvigorated, creating bizarre rhymes that tie together junk culture, drug lingo, literary references, and utter nonsense. Ryder's lyrics have always been freewheelingly impenetrable, but now he's working with Kermit, a rapper that is the equal of his skills. Even better, the music has deep grooves and catchy pop hooks that come straight out of left field. From the blaring harmonica of the triumphant "Reverend Black Grape" and the trippy sitars of "In the Name of the Father" to the seedy, rolling "Shake Your Money" and the stinging guitars of "Tramazi Parti," It's Great is filled with music that goes in unconventional directions without ever sounding forced. Not only is It's Great When You're Straight a triumphant return for Ryder and his sidekick Bez, it's the first album they have ever recorded that justifies all of the hype.


Black Grape - It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah [1995]


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The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls [2004]

Música: Alternative Pop Rock/Cabaret/Punk Revival

Comentário AM:

Inevitably, music will have leaders as well as followers, and both have their place. It's unrealistic and foolish to think that every artist who comes along should be a trendsetter; people who shake things up as intensely as Charlie Parker, the Sex Pistols, John Coltrane, the Beatles, or Nirvana are the exception instead of the rule. But when someone does come up with something that is truly fresh, he/she deserves applause -- and there is plenty of freshness on this self-titled CD by the Dresden Dolls, a Boston-based duo that successfully blends alternative pop/rock with German cabaret. Lead singer Amanda Palmer brings an unlikely combination of influences to this release, and they range from Kurt Weill and Marlene Dietrich to goth rock, punk, and the riot grrrl movement. Palmer has been greatly affected by the emotional catharsis of PJ Harvey, Courtney Love, and Tori Amos -- her performances can be very stream-of-consciousness -- but she has also been influenced by the cabaret of Germany's pre-Adolf Hitler Weimar Republic (although Palmer writes and sings in English exclusively on this album). Hitler, a fanatically extreme social conservative, detested the flamboyant, sexualized imagery of the Weimar-era cabaret culture and did everything he could to eradicate it. But when Marlene Dietrich and others fled Nazi Germany, they took their cabaret with them -- and that Weimar-era influence is all over this intriguing CD. Not only has it affected Palmer's darkly theatrical melodies, but also, Palmer and drummer Brian Viglione (the Dresden Dolls' other half) sport a look that is part goth and part Weimar-era burlesque. And much to their credit, the Dresden Dolls make their unorthodox alt-rock/cabaret blend sound perfectly natural rather than forced. This CD is enthusiastically recommended to anyone who is seeking something fresh from alternative pop/rock.


The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls [2004]


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Brooke Fraser - Flags [2010]

Música: Alternative Pop Rock

Comentário AM:

Flags is a dreamy, alternative-pop collection that showcases her agile soprano, lilting melodies, and knack for telling her stories through the lives of vibrant characters on songs like ''Betty'' (co-written with Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and Ben West of Detroit indie duo The Real Efforts of Real People), ''Crows and Locusts,'' '' Jack Kerouac,'' and ''Ice on Her Lashes.'' ''I've never used as many characters or as much narrative in my songwriting as I have on this record,'' Fraser says. ''On my previous albums [2003's What To Do With Daylight and 2008's Albertine], I was singing completely as myself, which is why I think I got so burnt out from touring. Albertine was inspired by incredibly significant events and people and every time I'd sing I'd go back to that moment where my heart was ripped open. So singing such heavy songs nearly every night for three years took a toll. On Flags, it's still me speaking, but it's me speaking through the voices of different characters and their stories. It's more survivable.'' The album also features a co-written duet with Aqualung's Matt Hales, titled ''Who Are We Fooling?''.


Brooke Fraser - Flags [2010]


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Guillemots - Walk the River [2011]

Música: Alternative Pop Rock

Comentário AM:

Purveyors of the "anything goes" approach to pop music, typewriter-sampling four-piece Guillemots could be forgiven for suffering an identity crisis following the surprising housewife audience lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield gained with his recent John Lewis-promoted Top Ten cover version of Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman." Third album Walk the River may be less avant-garde than their Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut Through the Windowpane, and less chaotic than their '80s Brit-pop-inspired sophomore effort Red, but its 12 tracks show that the band isn't ready to embrace the cocoa and slippers brigade just yet. "The Basket" is an ambitious slice of psychedelic pop complete with fuzzy guitars, eerie Theremins, and an anthemic Kings of Leon-esque woah-woah chorus, the latter of which also appears on the thunderous garage rock of "Ice Room," while a flurry of chaotic electronic bleeps adds a neat twist to the Wall of Sound-inspired Motown beats and soaring girl group harmonies of "Tigers." But Walk the River really comes into its own when it lives up to the band's claims that the songs "sleepwalked their way onto tape," as on the twinkling music boxes, shuffling brushed rhythms, and Elbow-esque guitars of the lullabye-ish "Inside," the lush melancholy of "I Don't Feel Amazing Now," an enchanting fusion of mandolins, steel drums, and windswept strings, and the dreamy, '60s-inspired title track, which opens with Mamas & the Papas-influenced harmonies before shifting into an affectionate homage to jangly Merseybeat. Occasionally, the band's free-form jazz leanings drift into self-indulgent territory, as on the meandering nine-minute epics "Sometimes I Remember Wrong" and "Yesterday Is Dead," both of which fail to build on their early cinematic promise, while the pedestrian "Dancing in the Devil's Shoes" is perhaps one wistful ballad too many. Walk the River is unlikely to soundtrack any department store adverts in the future, but it's still an intimate and emotive affair which manages to pursue a slightly mellower direction while still retaining their trademark oddball sensibilities.


Guillemots - Walk the River [2011]


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Terça-feira, 25 de Setembro de 2012

Curtis Fuller - Blues-ette [1959]

Música: Jazz/Hard Bop/Jazz Instrument

Comentário AM:

Sessions in any genre of music are all too often described as "sublime," but seldom has that description been better deserved than with this relaxed hard bop classic. One looks to other catchalls such as "effortless" and "loose," but even those slight this amazing date by implying a lack of intensity -- and intensity comes in all forms. For all intents and purposes, this is the first recorded meeting of what would become the famous Benny Golson/Art Farmer Jazztet (albeit without Farmer), a group most commonly associated with its 1960 Chess session, Meet the Jazztet. Curtis Fuller's next date, The Curtis Fuller Jazztet, and his appearance on the Chess date, only compound this point. Like perhaps Jimmy Smith's flagship, The Sermon, Blues-ette's brilliance manifests itself not only within the individual solos but also in the way the group functions as a collective. One gets the impression that these tunes could have continued for hours in the studio without the slightest lack of interest on anyone's part. This might be because many of the themes presented here are so basic and seemingly obvious that they don't seem like anything to write home about upon first listen. A day or so later, when you're walking down the street to the tempo of the title track, you may begin to think otherwise. These are some exceptionally catchy heads and many have since become standards. As far as individual performances are concerned, you're not likely to find better solos by any of the members of this quintet than you will here, though they all have extensive and very high-quality catalogs themselves. Picking highlights is a moot point. Blues-ette is best experienced as an entire LP. It would have surely made a greater impact upon its initial release had it been on a more high-profile label, such as Columbia or Blue Note, but there's no sense worrying about that now. Any serious jazz collection is incomplete without this record. Period.


Curtis Fuller - Blues-ette [1959]


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música: JAZZ

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